Fix virtualbox Linux guest boot blackscreen after kernel upgrade

I run a fedora 24 as a Virtualbox VM on a windows host. The other day, after a kernel upgrade of this VM and rebooting, I got a black screen. Here is what I did to fix it :

  • Reboot your VM and select a previous kernel with grub’s menu. If you don’t have one available, I guess you’ll have to boot in recovery mode and install one.
  • Login as root
  • Execute rcvboxadd cleanup - it will delete your currently installed guest additions
  • Reboot on new kernel (should boot now, but guest additions KO), and login as root
  • Install kernel-headers and kernel-devel of your current kernel version
  • Mount VBox Guest Additions ISO, and execute VBoxLinuxAdditions.run
  • Reboot (still on new kernel), and everything should be fine now.

Hope it helped.

Adrien Anceau
Geek, gamer, photography enthusiast, passionate about technology, automation and food.
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