Fixing 'screen256-color: unknown terminal type' when ssh'ing within tmux

When SSH’ing to old boxes within tmux, I sometimes get the following error: 'screen-256color': unknown terminal type, and a very ugly prompt.

An easy way to fix this is to set a different value for the default-terminal setting in your tmux.conf. You only have to open your ~/.tmux.conf and add the following line:

set -g default-terminal "xterm"

However, note that this will affect all your sessions.

If you don’t want to redefine your default-terminal value, you can fix this only when needed by setting a different value for the TERM variable when you ssh to those boxes. So, instead of ssh’ing like this:

ssh adrien@my-box

you do that:

TERM=xterm ssh adrien@my-box

And you should not see the 'screen-256color': unknown terminal type message anymore.

Adrien Anceau
Geek, gamer, photography enthusiast, passionate about technology, automation and food.
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