How to sync your subtitles with media player classic

Sometimes when you download a video on the internet, you get subtitles on a separate file (ie. from Open Subtitles, Subscene, addic7ed, etc…), and they are not always perfectly sync’ed. If you’re using Media Player Classic, you can fix that pretty easily with its “Sub resync” feature. Open your video with Media Player Classic and load your subtitles, then hit ctrl + 6 (or View -> Subresync) to open the sub-resync console. Now find a line in the subtitles that match what is being said on the video, right-click the line on the “Time” colum, and select Current (or hit F5). You can see that the timings in the subtitle file have been adjusted.

Best part is that you can save those modifications directly in the subtitle file by going to File -> Save subtitles, so next time you play that video, you will not have to do that manipulation all over again.

Adrien Anceau
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